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Your tax deductible contribution may be made as a one-time donation or an ongoing monthly donation. Consider a gift honoring a loved one, a special occasion, or in memorial. Electronic contributions are simple and secure. You will receive an immediate confirmation for your tax records. If you prefer, the Foundation accepts check donations as well. (see below)




Make a Donation by Check

Please make your check payable to Celebrate Children Foundation. Include your current mailing address and you will receive a confirmation for your tax records. Also include a note indicating if you will allow us to list you as a donor or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Send check to:

Celebrate Children Foundation
125 S. Webster Street
Madison, WI 53703

Purchase Your Plate


By purchasing the Celebrate Children License Plate, you make a contribution to the children of Wisconsin. Your annual support helps ensure that parents have access to effective child abuse and neglect prevention education, programs, and services.

Purchase your Celebrate Children License Plate now.


Matching Gifts

Double your gift! Many employers provide the benefit of matching charitable contributions, in effect doubling the impact. Speak with your employer’s Human Resources staff to find out if this option is offered.


Endowment Philosophy

To realize maximum impact from donor contributions, in addition to supporting ongoing programs, donors may designate support for the Foundation’s permanent endowment ensuring long-term investments to meet programmatic and financial goals. This investment tool keeps the principal amount intact while income from earnings meets the organization’s ongoing financial demands. This smart and sustainable investment strategy preserves the Foundation’s fiscal fitness into the future, maximizes donor support, and creates a legacy for each donor.

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